Big Breast Cams

Unfortunately, most cam sites just categorize their models by ethicity, gender and other superficial characteristics. Even most Asian cam portals just distinguish between party girls, shy girls etc. At least there are Asian Babe Cams who do offer a category for busty camgirls on their Big Breast Cams. In this section you get a nice display of Asian online girls who are currently available to show off their curves and nipples for you in real time. I love this site as I surf straight to this category every day when I turn on my computer. My favorite cam girl with big breasts is called Zharl. She is rather petite, but her boobs rock my world. You can watch this funny lady from the Philippines during the night shift. Usually 25 cam models with big boobs are online at any given time, but there are more in various categories. Have a peek at the pregnant cams. Plenty of the asian babes in that category have blown up breasts with huge nipples.

big breast cams
A Filipina cam girl with nice breasts. She loves to masturbate with her fingers.

Born in the USA

Bruce Springsteen’s famous hit theme ‘Born in the USA’ could well apply to this new website with Orientals: Asian Porngasm. Why? Because all those Chinatown kittens are from America. Decades ago their families settled as immigrants, but their kittens are adult women who grew up with easy American lifestyle, fast food and strong language. They are neither polite like Japanese or Chinese ladies nor are they slim and petite like Singaporean fashion models. They are a lot more curvy around their breasts and hips thanks to tacos, burgers and fries. American-Asians are not shy at all.

Big gelpacks inside Asian American bombshell. Very cute!

Luckily, the guy who brings this new website to us is a friend of mine and he allowed me taking peeks at his models. Pretty neat girlfriend and amateur model stuff. It’s his hobby to seduce girls he dates to pose naked. Sometimes they even give head or stroke him. It’s fun to see this seduction and female dumbness play out in reality. It’s like one of those old American teenager movies with cheerleaders.

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Chinese Pussy Jungle

China girl

When looking for Asians who are hairy below the belt, you have many choices. Visayan Filipinas are hairy, so are Malay and Indonesian amateurs. But if your look for Asian models who are natural down there and beautiful at the same time, Chinese pussy would be my first choice of recommendation. The only problem: Chinese nudes are very hard to find. Yes, sure you have all those Chinese-American sluts from California and New York, but they are shaven and rude. Then you have all those Thai girls being marketed as Bejing and Shanghai beauties for privacy reasons and so on. If you look at nude art sites there is one Chinese photographer who shoots gorgeous models in Hainan, a tropical island between Hong Kong and Vietnam. His shots are also available on, but it’s membership section is just available to people who speak Chinese and mail in their subscription fee by snail mail. In the meantime you would need to rest with Chinese pussy from Met Art - Magic Nude Teens, where China girl are mixed in between Russians and Latina beauties. It’s certainly one of the best offers online. If you care, they also market a bonus to online version of Playboy magazine. Not sure about how many Chinese teens they have, but they are squattered around and you find them after some time. Great stuff in high quality and with extremely natural ladies from China.

Hookers of Hong Kong

Hong Kong nudes
Foreign girls solicit for paid sex in Wanchai. This line up of naked women is the trophy series from a new website. The flags indicate their nationalities.

Many expats dream about scoring a high paid job in Hong Kong. It’s not just because of high salary and low taxes. Daily expenses are high in this special administrative zone of China and former British Colony. One of the big benefits of working and living in Hong Kong is access to great nightlife. Those who want prime pussy order upscale Kowloon escorts and those who prefer cheaper and friendlier girls venture out to Wanchai, a district famous for it’s girlie bars, watering holes and discos staffed with foreign women who obviously solicit for sexual services. Most of these hookers are from neighbouring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, but there are also exotic freelancers from Colombia and Russia (they charge 3 times as much for being import models). Let’s stick with the friendly, cheap Asians. A newish website Asian Sex Diary shows sex scenes with many Hong Kong freelancers from discos like Neptune and Wanchai. Most of them have cleanly shaven girlie bits (an indication for increased sexual activity).
Read all of: Asian Sex Diary.
Freelancers are prostitutes that work own their own. They are neither employed by a sauna brothel nor do they need a pimp or mamasan to feed them customers.

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Naked Thai Super Models

In reference to my older post about stage names of Thai models I must report the referred site went offline. Here is a short list of stage names for each famous model.

Natt Chanapa: Natalia, Isabella Wong, Natty. She played in movie Pleasure Islands #14.
Sara Tainwisat: Aida, Tong Bo San, Zsa Zsa.
Kim Sung (Yun) Hee: Kama Tsang, Shan Kit Ling, Chew Jon Yee, Keade, Frame.
Sandra Mar: Leung Wing San, Fung Lai Ming, Chow Man Lam, Yan Uie Yang. She played in movies: Tokyo Hunter #03 and Asian Lesbian #02.
Mindy Lu: Irene Ng, Vonnie Tsang, Fong Yee Ki. Movie: Asian Fever #13.

This list is totally incomplete, but it may help some people to sort models out. Here is a link to the last archived page from web archive.

Thai Student Fuck

Uniforms give weight to people’s personalities. Like a policemen gains authority and power with his dress and a nurse becomes lovely and sexy that you follow all of her commands. Now, what about a schoolgirl dress? Many people think girls in a school girl or college student uniform look more desirable that totally nude. I guess it is true. But what about this: you dress a LBFM who works as a Thai bargirl in a school girl’s uniform and then you produce a video presenting the most utter filth you can imagine? Is that sexy? Well, it happens all the time in Asia. Bargirls dance bottomless in agogo bars with naughty schoolgirl dresses. Porn producers watch that and think: let’s make a schoolgirl porn movie with a Thai LBFM! Asian Apple Seed is doing that a lot.

thai lbfm
A Thai LBFM dressed as a schoolgirl presents her shaved vagina for a round of pounding by a white stunt cock.

Natt Chanapa comeback

Natt Chanapa is the most famous Thai model who is available for nude shoots. She has been modeling for billboards and print advertising for years, but became famous after a scandal around her appearance in a Japanese porn movie climaxed in legal charges in her home country of Thailand. The now 26 year old Thai model was questioned by police and had to bay a cash fine of several thousand Thai Baht. The scandal was posted across main stream media all over Asia. Thai citizens have to obey their country’s laws even when working outside of Thailand. This also applies to the ban of pornography and part taking in Asian porn movies. It is a nice treat to see Natt back on the web in outdoor nudes on the Thai Cuties web site last week. Natt can be seen posing topless and nude beside a tree.

natt chanappa
natt chanappa
thai model natt

New nudes of Thai model Natt Chanappa. Images courtesy of Thai Cuties.

Japanese Bush

Japanese girls seem to have some of the most natural and beautifully cultivated vulvas on the planet. Japanese pubic hair grows in a perfect V shape. It’s not very dense, but the hair can grow very long. I have met Japanese girls with hair as long as 6 inches, but from the distance they looked like perfectly trimmed. For some reason they don’t have to much hair on the side of the vulva, but just a lot of it on top of the clit. Of course you can see some Japanese porn actresses who do have excessive bushes just like this Tokyo girl from Maccy Bar.

maccy japan porn
orgasmic japanese

A hairy Japanese porn actress is getting her clitoris stimulated for a scene on Maccy Bar.

Bald Filipina Porn Starlet

Her name is Lesie and she looks like an average teen from the Philippines when you meet her in a Makati shopping mall or in a Pasay restaurant. But wait until she gets naked! Then she reveals her Asian LBFM body that is made for sex. Leslie got casted by a Manila film crew to play in Manila hardcore movies for Trike Patrol, a raunchy Filipino teen hardcore site offering access to sex tourist exploits with horny Filipina girls. She is certainly a trophy for any foreigner who wants to bang a cute teen Filipina amateur from Quezon City. Look at her smooth body and her flawless Pinay pussy that is shaved until totally hairless. Yummy Manila vagina!

Filipina ass
Flawless body and totally shaved under her belt: Leslie was a trophy session for the stunt cock of her first Filipino porn movie.

Thai Babe Bee

Some Thai girls look like they are perfectly trimmed because their hair above the entrance of their vagina grows strong while it seems to build up less on the side and is about to vanish further down. Once your get closer - as you can see on Bee’s images - you see a lot of long pubic hair between the rectum and the vagina, specially if you have a beautiful nude picture where the Thai girl shows off her butt and vagina while sitting in a doggy style position. It is just a little, but the hairs grow very strong and long. This part on the side and bottom of the Thai vagina can become very sticky once the babe gets horny and body fluids like vaginal outflow, sweat and KY gel mix up. Best thing to make the liquids thinner and less sticky is to use some saliva :-) Tasty!

thai babe bee
Bee is just one out of many Thai girls that can be seen on She can be seen masturbating with a large vibrator.

Hairy Bombshell

Her name is Carmen and she has some of the biggest Filipina boobs that you can see on the internet. This Pinay amateur was only seen on one site before and some of her images are used for marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, Carmen is no longer modeling because she got married and her Filipino husband does not want her to model nude again. What a pitty. Have fun with the few images of this hairy Filipina bombshell amateur that are still available for viewing. We will let you know when we find more from her. BTW, if you wonder why she is not smiling? She had a tooth extracted before the photoshoot and was shy to reveal her sexy gap.

filipina tits
hairy bombshell
filipina tits

Carmen is a one time amateur Filipina bombshell with a extremely hairy vulva

Sweaty and Bald

dark skin and shaved
Finding hairless models is easy, but genuine shaved Asian amateurs are more difficult to find. Specially, when you like dark skinned LBFM type women, they seem to be scared of razor blades. They are afraid Gilette razor blades would hurt their tight and sensitive tissue next to their labia or vulva. Yesterday, I discovered a great new camgirl: Morena. Brand new talent on the block and filled with horny, moist juices that drip out of her shaved vagina while she penetrates her love box with two fingers or vibrators. She penetrates her female genitalia so deeply that she could easily become a pornstar for double penetration scenes. You have to see her on Asian 247 as soon as you read this because I think she is looking for a hard and lasting lover to take care of her.
Direct access to her chat Profile:
Morena on Asian Chat

camgirl live sex screenshot
Morena is masturbating intense. She is penetrating her dark shaved Filipina pussy with her vibrator. Vaginal outflow proves extreme sexual enjoyment and lubrication for sex. Additional stimulation is received from fingering her teen Asian anus while dreaming of tongue in her ass.

Asians 247

I never paid to much attention to the growing number of Asian chat sites since there are so many of them that it is pretty hard to keep track of them. However, a couple of days ago I was game to try something new: Asians 247. To my pleasant surprise this Asian chat site had a nice number of shaved Asian teen models online. Not as many as some of the bigger sites, but with more video and audio features like member chat and recorded shows. Instead of chatting up a girl in free chat and then taking her into a private you can skip this lenghty procedure on Asians 247 if you want. On the bottom of their page they have sections for member chat. This means the girl behind this chat window is naked already. No need to chat her out of her panties. It’s usually cheaper than private chat as you will share the Asian teen with some other members. The other feature are recorded shows. For just 99 cents VIP members get the chance to look at previously recorded shows with the models. Preview images and ratings of these recorded shows are available. It’s a great way to get a private show by just watching and without the need to type on your keyboard. Each model has a link to recorded shows on her portfolio page. I love this new feature as it makes it much more pleasure to enjoy shaved Asian teens on my screen. The recorded shows are much cheaper than private chat as they are priced at 99 cents only. Beats any Asian porn movie in my book.

asian teen butt
A shaved Asian teen exposes her butt in a revealing doggy style position

Sampaguita Nancy Ho

If you like flowers you know that Sampaguita is a very beautiful orchid with a very sweet fragrance. Look at the picture below and I am sure you will agree that she is sweet as hell. Her model name on Moon Angel is Sampaguita. You may think, wait a minute … I have seen that girl before … and you are right. She usually uses another name: Nancy Ho. And then there is this other site Asian Nude 4U that calls her Yuen Hei Men. Very confusing! Well, a lot of other Asian models from Thailand have a lot of different model names. Amara known from Asian4you is called Fan Mei Ling, Kwok Man Ling, Mint Luang, Amara Bhunawat, Pe Ka Yee or Amara Ranipas and I could continue with more names for Irene Fah and other Thai models. I am glad there is a Asian model freak who knows all those names in and out. He published a small website called Asian Alias4u that will give you the best info about all the different Thai model names. However, his site went offline, so here is our copy with more names of Thai top models.

Busty Nancy Ho is called Sampaguita on Moon Angel’s site where she she plays with an acrylic dildo.

Thai Coed

The website Thai Coeds is around for an eternity. It features Thai girls having sex with white guys. Most of the Thai ladies are fairly attractive and in their early twenties - as most Thai babes they are shaven. Just a few weeks ago they completely revamped the site and it is much easier to navigate, now. It’s full of Thai college girls who sideline as cyber models or massage parlor attendants. The site gives not only access to Thai girls, but also to a network of Asian Bootleg sites that includes Filipina and Indonesian girls as well as Hawaiian porn with celebrity adult stars from the Pacific islands. I will need to review their Hawaiian site soon to give you better insight into the sex scene of Honolulu and Waikiki. In the meantime bear with me as I will be on vacation for about a week before I come back to write a new post about teen Asian chix. Hope my sunburn won’t be as bad as last year.

Thai coed
A topless Thai girl on the casting couch for the Asian Bootleg website network.

Filipina Sex Book

filipina sex site

Breaking News: Filipina Sex Diary was launched, today. This new online sex book from the Philippines is groundbreaking sexual exploitation of social network addicts. Find out how easy it is to have sex with easy girls from Facebook friends and Date-in-Asia profiles.

Chinese Ass

One of the very few Chinese porn stars in the USA that start out in adult biz as a teen Asian is Evelyn Lin. The Chinese babe is respected as one of the most professional and yet one of the youngest Asian porn stars in the US. She got into adult biz because of her insatiable sex drive as her boyfriends could not satisfy her high performance sexual desires. Pretty funny. Most of the older porn stars say, it’s all biz and no fun, while this sexy young Chinese female does it for fun as well. It’s not difficult to find a lot of sex movies with Evelyn. When entering her name into Google or Yahoo search it shows a wide variety of sex scenes with her. One of the best high quality Asian-American porn sites is Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver. Evelyn is featured on this site together with most other Asian porn stars from the US. It’s a pretty neat and naughty collection of years of top notch Asian porn from Los Angeles.

Chinese ass
Evelyn Lin shoves her panty aside to show her Chinese ass

Ariel Spinner

She is one of the cutest Asian-American solo girl teens I have seen: Ariel Spinner aka Ariel Sweet. Unlike professional Asian pornstars from California she does not have the bitch look and cunt attitude, but she appears to be pretty cute and innocent. Of course that is until you hear her talk naughty. To a small degree her innocence becomes clouded at that point. But, she looks so cute and adorable that all one can think about is to get into her panties - ahem, into her website LOL that is. Her Asian vagina is partly shaved on the bottom around her brown labia, but unshaved from her clit upwards, revealing a rich, but perfectly shaped dark bush of oriental pubic hair - just adorable! But to be honest, I think she might not be as sweet as she looks. She may turn out to be a dominant sex freak who loves to spank cocks and balls. She can try my cock of course :-)

Ariel Spinner
American Asian teen nudie pie Ariel spinner is teasing and talking naughty

Ugly Asian Camgirl

ugly girl

I have no idea why she calls herself UglyGirl, but she is kinda funny and horny. Previously this Filipina teen cam babe was known as The Blonde Asian, but dying her dark hair every week became to expensive so she changed her name to UglyGirl. She is not ugly at all, but one of those adorable shaved Asian teens of the finest girlfriend quality from the Philippines.

ugly asian
UglyGirl’s video rental store allows VIP members to view all of her recorded camshows. She is hot!

I never bothered to look at her in the first place, but ever since they introduced VIP memberships to Asians 247 that allow access to recorded private shows I thought I could take a peek at her. My jaw popped open and hit the floor: “wow, that chick is the hottest piece of camgirl ass from Asia!” Seriously! She has 66 recorded camshows. Some of them are over 1 hour in length. She is quick in taking off her clothes, but leaves her dark high heels on when she masturbates her shaved Filipina vagina with 4 fingers. At the same time she shoves a dildo or a candle inside her tight Asian ass. Awesome action! You gotta hear the slippery sound of her masturbation technique along with her moaning and naughty talk as Asians 247 comes with build in audio capabilities. I am addicted to that ugly Asian teen cam girl even when she is not ugly at all.

Filipina LBFM

Hot Filipina teen Marilyn is a perfect example for a sexy LBFM with perfectly shaped body proportions. Her B-Cup boobs are like moulded by God in person, as ass is round, no scars or stretchmark on her stomach and a wet LBFM pussy filled with Filipina love juice. Marilyn is 19 years of age and believe it or not, she is still single. My friend met her the other day in an Angeles City bar and she just broke up with her boyfriend. That’s why she starred in a Pinay porn movie on Trike Patrol, as she wanted to show potential foreign boyfriends how much she likes good sex and that she goes out of her way to please a guy. Now, that’s the kind of Asian teen girlfriend you want to have in your bed at night. I guess she will be pretty demanding for daily sex as she likes to have at least 2 orgasms a day, she told me. Crazy Filipino chick!

nude marilyn sex
Filipino porn starlet Marilyn shown in a Trike Patrol LBFM porn episode. She is single again and looking for a new boyfriend :-) Her favorite sex position is doggy style.

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