Sexy Thai Piano

She looks young and a bit chubby. She is one of those 18 year old Thai teens who left the family in the province to try her luck in the big city of Bangkok. She was lucky and got a good job in a department store with the help of her friends and was able to pay for the initial dentist job to get a fashionable retainer to straighten her teeth. Now, Piano Lau is running out of money as she spend a lot of cash on fashion, music, movies and endless party nights in the the countless discos and urban after hour clubs of Bangkok. Well, she knows this other girl named Cookie, who is making a lot of cash as a model. To become an Asian fashion model was always Pinao Lau’s big dream so she follows Cookie’s advice to tag along for a shoot for 88Squuare. Piano is a bit shy at first, but she knows she needs to pose for nudes first before she can eventually go on to be on the catwalk … and she does a great job as she is very natural and has this shy and innocent touch to her. Piano is available at one of the fresh updates of 88Square, now. You can still see her wihtout a shave, no tattooes and no belly button - a totally natural Thai teen at the beginning of a nude model career!

Piano Lau
A totally new and natural Thai model on 88Square: Piano Lau.

Asian Babe Cams Update

I guess all of you guys hear of Asian Babe Cams, the largest Asian chat girl portal with LBFM girls from the Philippines and Thailand. According to a recent release by it’s site owners, the software platform has been updated from Javascript to Flash. This means better quality video transmission and a couple of new features. If you haven’t been on ABC in the recent past, it may be well worth a new visit to explore the technical innovation. The website managaers have been attempted a similar swith to a new platform last year, but it failed. I hope the new version of their great Asian Chat site works better this time!

babe cams
The new chat platform allows for better quality video streams on Asian Babe Cams. The update has taken place during the first week of October 2009.

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Lucy's Soft Boobs

Filipina Lucy is one of those Asian girls that can not make up her mind. Is she beautiful or not? Does she want to have sex or not? Well, she loves to eat :-) as you can see from her curvy LBFM body. Her big ass and big boobs are very fine assets of this young Filipina amateur. To bad she has absolutely no sexual experience. She is what the Filipinos call a Cherry Girl - a virgin. Although she has never had sex with a guy (as she claims) she is willing to take off her clothes and pose nude for the camera. She even slips her cotton panty all the way down to touch herself at her partly shaven triangle. If you always wanted to see a nude virgin from the Philippines with nice boobs, check her out on an episode of Trike Patrol.

boobs cherry girl
Lucy is a Cherry Girl, a Pinay bargirl who poses nude, but does not like to fuck.

Naked Thai Super Models

In reference to my older post about stage names of Thai models I must report the referred site went offline. Here is a short list of stage names for each famous model.

Natt Chanapa: Natalia, Isabella Wong, Natty. She played in movie Pleasure Islands #14.
Sara Tainwisat: Aida, Tong Bo San, Zsa Zsa.
Kim Sung (Yun) Hee: Kama Tsang, Shan Kit Ling, Chew Jon Yee, Keade, Frame.
Sandra Mar: Leung Wing San, Fung Lai Ming, Chow Man Lam, Yan Uie Yang. She played in movies: Tokyo Hunter #03 and Asian Lesbian #02.
Mindy Lu: Irene Ng, Vonnie Tsang, Fong Yee Ki. Movie: Asian Fever #13.

This list is totally incomplete, but it may help some people to sort models out. Here is a link to the last archived page from web archive.

Horny Thai Girlfriends

Pics of Thai girls

Lots of single guys visit Thailand for the sole purpose of finding a temporary girlfriend for a steamy beach vacation. Sleeping in long, going to the beach, getting drunk and having fun - and of course lots of sex with their trophy girls from bars, beer gardens or adult dating sites like Luckily, those bastards all bring a digicam along to take naked images of their Asian sex machines from Pattaya, Phuket, PhiPhi and Koh Samui. Recently, this a new website called Submit my Thai is taking submissions from guys who want to expose their pretty ladies online (for whatever reason). It’s fresh stuff, but it’s based on a monthly subscription plan if you care to spend some bucks on hookers from Pattaya.

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Ariel Spinner

She is one of the cutest Asian-American solo girl teens I have seen: Ariel Spinner aka Ariel Sweet. Unlike professional Asian pornstars from California she does not have the bitch look and cunt attitude, but she appears to be pretty cute and innocent. Of course that is until you hear her talk naughty. To a small degree her innocence becomes clouded at that point. But, she looks so cute and adorable that all one can think about is to get into her panties - ahem, into her website LOL that is. Her Asian vagina is partly shaved on the bottom around her brown labia, but unshaved from her clit upwards, revealing a rich, but perfectly shaped dark bush of oriental pubic hair - just adorable! But to be honest, I think she might not be as sweet as she looks. She may turn out to be a dominant sex freak who loves to spank cocks and balls. She can try my cock of course :-)

Ariel Spinner
American Asian teen nudie pie Ariel spinner is teasing and talking naughty

Hairless Asian Teen

By accident I found this site: Asian Teen Picture Club. It features real amateur photos of sexy Asian teens who shoot their own nudes with small digi cameras and cell phones. It’s a complete change from the commercial Asian sites without retouched photos, etc. This picture club collects nudes from user submissions and compiles them. There is no particular order and no rules. It’s a huge bunch of genuine, unretouched (but sometimes censored) photographic evidence of girls and guys enjoying sex and showing off their sexy bodies. You see shaven Chinese or Filipina girls shooting themselves nude in front of a bathroom mirror and you see Japanese couples fucking in a car. The site also includes screenshots of sexual webcam shows.

hairless asian teen
Asian girls self shooting a pic of her shaven pussy. It’s a bit out of focus. Image courtesy of

Natural Asian Boobs

natural boobs fashion model
A different Asian model: Rachel lives and works as a fashion model in Moscow, Russia.

Natural Asian beauty is at it’s best when you see great boobs on a petite rack. She has to be flawless and look like a Vietnamese Eva and not like an enhanced mutant like women look naked after plastic surgery. One of the best sources for flawless Asian nudes are nude art sites. Just a small part of it’s models are Asian, but they are so much different than the bulk of Oriental sex discount stuff. Nude Art or fine art photography and videos focus on erotic and sensual display of women’s bodies without prejudice and by using the finest equipment in the most creative way. Sometimes it’s creators’ ways of work are way more interesting than naked boobs or close-up genitals in finest detail. It’s just my personal opinion as an adult blogger that I dislike ‘normal’ bargirl and street whore sites more and more. They keep showing the same sad amateurs in low quality content from Philippines and Thailand. What buggs me most: producers don’t make the slightest effort to increase quality. Trash in the background and under/overexposed footage is all just the same boring as 10 years ago when first digital cams were released to consumers.
If you like an artsy and respectful approach to the beauty of Asian women - and nude fermale models in general - you will love this selection to high grade Asian pussy: Asians on Met Art. All I can say, it shows different Asian women. Natural, unexploited, exotic and adorable.

Shaved Filipina

shaved filipina
filipina pussy

Her name is Hazel and she is a 22 year old Filipina amateur who has previously be seen with many nude sets on Filipina Archives. Her nude images are now being used to advertise an Asian Chat site. When you look closely she appears to have a very lovely face and her vagina is perfectly shaven. No hair at all. However, she has a lot of stretch marks on her stomach. That’s probably the reason why she kept her dress around her waist to cover them up. It seems that a lot of young mothers from the Philippines have no access to medication that will deminish the itching sensation during delivery. Well, her smooth Filipina pussy still rates very high.

Hawaiian Teen

Have you ever been to Hawaii? It’s a great place and the girls are hot. A lot of Filipinos and Japanese settled on the Hawaiian islands. The mixed Western and Asian teen females look sexy as hell. Just look at Kona Kalani! She is a spiffy Hawaiian teen babe who is running her own Asian teen site on the internet. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her online :-) In the first weeks her site was more like a teaser. One of those sexy girls that knows how sexy she is, but wouldn’t show it all. But that has changed a bit. You get much nicer peeks at her Hawaiian girlie bits these days.

kona hawaii
If Kona doesn’t have a perfect mixed Asian teen body, who else has?

Anal Angelina

Angelina does not look a bit innocent at all when you look at her spreading both legs for a photo shoot at Asian Apple Seed. Spreading her legs is not the only thing Angelina can do - well, actually it is. What I mean is she will let you do with her spread whatever you want. You can lick her shaved pussy or you can fuck her Thai ass as long as you want. She is a real whore. One of the worst kind. Why else would she like to have her nude image taken and allow another guy to fuck her ass in front of a rolling camcorder? Think twice! As long as you are fine with paying for an Asian cunt, Angelina is a great lay. She is a real smooth three holer, a complete Thai sex package.

anal whore
Thai bargirls Angelina offers all three holes for penetration.

Pussy on a Trip

public nudity Philippines

I am pretty sure this new Filipino sex site Pleasure Me Asia will be called a big Filipina sex scandal by print media and TV in the Philippines, soon. Inside a new update they feature three spiffy girls going out on a trip without panties. While sitting in public transportation inside trikes they do spread their legs to offer views of their horny pussy. They also lounge in public parks where they display their LBFM bits for everybody to see. Man, those girls are hot! It’s everybody’s dream to have such hot and horny girls flash their wet vaginas for you in public. They are not shy, but true Filipina teen sluts on a trip for fun. Public transportation has never been as attractive in this country loaded with massive road congestions.

Thai Boobs

Did you know that I like big boobs on Thai girls? I guess most of you have nothing against big round breasts, either. It’s kind of hard to find busty Asian girls because normally teen Asians are rather petite and small chested, but of course there are always exceptions to the rule as you can see when you look at Mo Chada from Thai Cuties. Mo is in her early twenties and loves to show off her big boobs. Even when she is not busy with modeling shoots for fashion or men’s magazines she loves to wear skin tight tops and t-shirts that reveal more than a glimpse of her great cleavage. In one of the newest updates on Thai Cuties Mo can be seen handling a pink vibrator to lead your attention a bit further south. Her Thai tits are really awesome and she knows how to tease her trimmed pussy with the penetrating toy.

Thai Cutie Mo Chada
Awesome big breasted Thai photo model Mo Chada plays with a dildo for members of Thai Cuties website.

American Asians

Sometimes you don’t need to go to far to find a sexy Asian girl. That is specially true when you live in California. San Francisco is a melting pot for Asian culture in America and everybody knows the impressive dimensions of the Chinese and Korean population. It’s not a big surprise to find a new website that features Asian American girls from Northern California: SF Bay Models. The females on this site are mostly first time amateurs who are first or second generation immigrants from China, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Vietnam. It’s genuine content that you won’t find on any other site and the price is affordable with over 200,000 images and more than 100 video clips. Most of the models are not really teens anymore, but females in their mid to late twenties, but as you know Asian girls - even from America - look much fresher than western women. Their shaved Asian pussies make them so delicious looking.

shaved asian amateur
Unlike girls who were raised and are living in Asia, American-Asian girls are usually shaved between their legs.

Chinese Pussy Jungle

China girl

When looking for Asians who are hairy below the belt, you have many choices. Visayan Filipinas are hairy, so are Malay and Indonesian amateurs. But if your look for Asian models who are natural down there and beautiful at the same time, Chinese pussy would be my first choice of recommendation. The only problem: Chinese nudes are very hard to find. Yes, sure you have all those Chinese-American sluts from California and New York, but they are shaven and rude. Then you have all those Thai girls being marketed as Bejing and Shanghai beauties for privacy reasons and so on. If you look at nude art sites there is one Chinese photographer who shoots gorgeous models in Hainan, a tropical island between Hong Kong and Vietnam. His shots are also available on, but it’s membership section is just available to people who speak Chinese and mail in their subscription fee by snail mail. In the meantime you would need to rest with Chinese pussy from Met Art - Magic Nude Teens, where China girl are mixed in between Russians and Latina beauties. It’s certainly one of the best offers online. If you care, they also market a bonus to online version of Playboy magazine. Not sure about how many Chinese teens they have, but they are squattered around and you find them after some time. Great stuff in high quality and with extremely natural ladies from China.

Busty Filipina

I am addicted to busty Filipina girls :-) There was used to be a site called Filipina Archives that was full of busty Filipina teens a few years back, but the site got sold and converted to a Filipino porn blog. All the awesome Pinay nudes are gone :-( One of my favorite models was a girl named Geselyn. This Cebu beauty would always have a killer smile on her face and carry her big tits and shaved Filipina pussy with pride. Unlike a lot of other models Geselyn was not shy at all. It seems she enjoyed having her nudes taken and wanted them to be seen by as many people as possible. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon her images by accident. Seems like some of her images are used for advertising by online marketing companies these days. They are far smaller than the high-res images from membership sites, but this girls’ Filipina boobs are just so awesome. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-)

busty filipina boobs
Geselyn posing nude for a commercial Filipina nude gallery while pregnant so her boobs are very big

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First BIG TITS Post

Asian girls with big boobs are rather rare to find because most Asians are rather petite and slim. However, if you find them they rock! We are devoted to find the best looking Asian teens, babes, models and amateurs with big tits and large nipples for you. Stay tuned for more busty ladies from Asian countries on this new blog section.

Tia Ling and Jazmine Jazz

Both are completely shaven and they love lesbian games with a strap-on dildo: Tia Ling and Jasmine Jazz. Jasmin is a Canadian adult actress with Filipina blood and Tia Ling is a well known Asian-American pornstar with Korean heritage. Both girls appear in Tia Ling’s Asian Pornstar site in a feature that was taken earlier this year during a big erotic fair in las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike other porn stars who have their studios and marketing companies manage their fan sites, Tia is doing all the webmaster stuff for her web site on her own. She is meeting up with adult webmaster for promotional shoots and she does produce a lot of exclusive shoots that can only be seen inside her members’ area.

Tia Ling and Jasmine Jazz
Tia and Jasmine work each others shaved vaginas with a strap-on dildo.

Filipina LBFM

Hot Filipina teen Marilyn is a perfect example for a sexy LBFM with perfectly shaped body proportions. Her B-Cup boobs are like moulded by God in person, as ass is round, no scars or stretchmark on her stomach and a wet LBFM pussy filled with Filipina love juice. Marilyn is 19 years of age and believe it or not, she is still single. My friend met her the other day in an Angeles City bar and she just broke up with her boyfriend. That’s why she starred in a Pinay porn movie on Trike Patrol, as she wanted to show potential foreign boyfriends how much she likes good sex and that she goes out of her way to please a guy. Now, that’s the kind of Asian teen girlfriend you want to have in your bed at night. I guess she will be pretty demanding for daily sex as she likes to have at least 2 orgasms a day, she told me. Crazy Filipino chick!

nude marilyn sex
Filipino porn starlet Marilyn shown in a Trike Patrol LBFM porn episode. She is single again and looking for a new boyfriend :-) Her favorite sex position is doggy style.

Born in the USA

Bruce Springsteen’s famous hit theme ‘Born in the USA’ could well apply to this new website with Orientals: Asian Porngasm. Why? Because all those Chinatown kittens are from America. Decades ago their families settled as immigrants, but their kittens are adult women who grew up with easy American lifestyle, fast food and strong language. They are neither polite like Japanese or Chinese ladies nor are they slim and petite like Singaporean fashion models. They are a lot more curvy around their breasts and hips thanks to tacos, burgers and fries. American-Asians are not shy at all.

Big gelpacks inside Asian American bombshell. Very cute!

Luckily, the guy who brings this new website to us is a friend of mine and he allowed me taking peeks at his models. Pretty neat girlfriend and amateur model stuff. It’s his hobby to seduce girls he dates to pose naked. Sometimes they even give head or stroke him. It’s fun to see this seduction and female dumbness play out in reality. It’s like one of those old American teenager movies with cheerleaders.

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