Hookers of Hong Kong

Hong Kong nudes
Foreign girls solicit for paid sex in Wanchai. This line up of naked women is the trophy series from a new website. The flags indicate their nationalities.

Many expats dream about scoring a high paid job in Hong Kong. It’s not just because of high salary and low taxes. Daily expenses are high in this special administrative zone of China and former British Colony. One of the big benefits of working and living in Hong Kong is access to great nightlife. Those who want prime pussy order upscale Kowloon escorts and those who prefer cheaper and friendlier girls venture out to Wanchai, a district famous for it’s girlie bars, watering holes and discos staffed with foreign women who obviously solicit for sexual services. Most of these hookers are from neighbouring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, but there are also exotic freelancers from Colombia and Russia (they charge 3 times as much for being import models). Let’s stick with the friendly, cheap Asians. A newish website Asian Sex Diary shows sex scenes with many Hong Kong freelancers from discos like Neptune and Wanchai. Most of them have cleanly shaven girlie bits (an indication for increased sexual activity).
Read all of: Asian Sex Diary.
Freelancers are prostitutes that work own their own. They are neither employed by a sauna brothel nor do they need a pimp or mamasan to feed them customers.

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Whatever happend to Sherylie?

shaved cherry

Hot teens and sexy amateurs from the Philippines were featured on Go to Phil, a website formed by leisure travelers and travel sex connoisseurs from around the globe. The site featured a very active message board for members sharing nudes of their Filipina girlfriends. Most of the sexy Filipina girls were 18 to 30 year hot women with warm personalities and highly desirable bodies. One of their ‘girls of the month’ was Sherylie. She made it inside the Philippine FHM edition with the little help of her boyfriend who was a photographer.

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Naked Thai Super Models

In reference to my older post about stage names of Thai models I must report the referred site went offline. Here is a short list of stage names for each famous model.

Natt Chanapa: Natalia, Isabella Wong, Natty. She played in movie Pleasure Islands #14.
Sara Tainwisat: Aida, Tong Bo San, Zsa Zsa.
Kim Sung (Yun) Hee: Kama Tsang, Shan Kit Ling, Chew Jon Yee, Keade, Frame.
Sandra Mar: Leung Wing San, Fung Lai Ming, Chow Man Lam, Yan Uie Yang. She played in movies: Tokyo Hunter #03 and Asian Lesbian #02.
Mindy Lu: Irene Ng, Vonnie Tsang, Fong Yee Ki. Movie: Asian Fever #13.

This list is totally incomplete, but it may help some people to sort models out. Here is a link to the last archived page from web archive.

Asian Cam Models Relaunch

New Looks of Asian Cam Models portal. It’s cleaner than old Java version with easier navigation and better quality features for audio and video.

Have you tried accessing webcams over the past months? Chances are you had no access due to errors caused by outdated Java plugins that prevented videos to play on your laptop or desktop. Unfortunately, this Java error was never fixed by their developers. As a result many webcam sites have developed new scripts and technology to stay in business and offer more live sex from Asia. Asian Cam Models is one of the first portals to offer a new versions. It’s based on Flash technology and works well on desktops and laptops on both, Mac OSX and Windows. Together with this technology change design and layout were changed. Now, it is much easier to navigate. It also allows viewers to bookmark favorites and observe private model photos in high resolution once logged in. Basic membership is free. It just requires a valid email address.

Born in the USA

Bruce Springsteen’s famous hit theme ‘Born in the USA’ could well apply to this new website with Orientals: Asian Porngasm. Why? Because all those Chinatown kittens are from America. Decades ago their families settled as immigrants, but their kittens are adult women who grew up with easy American lifestyle, fast food and strong language. They are neither polite like Japanese or Chinese ladies nor are they slim and petite like Singaporean fashion models. They are a lot more curvy around their breasts and hips thanks to tacos, burgers and fries. American-Asians are not shy at all.

Big gelpacks inside Asian American bombshell. Very cute!

Luckily, the guy who brings this new website to us is a friend of mine and he allowed me taking peeks at his models. Pretty neat girlfriend and amateur model stuff. It’s his hobby to seduce girls he dates to pose naked. Sometimes they even give head or stroke him. It’s fun to see this seduction and female dumbness play out in reality. It’s like one of those old American teenager movies with cheerleaders.

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Sexy Thai Sex Machines

escort thailand

Thai women earned their reputation as exotic Asian love machines, but to be honest, I find it difficult to find good looking Thai teens of 18 to 20 years in age who are great between satin sheets. Usually, they are pre-occupied with mobile devices and observing their Oriental beauty in replica handbag mirrors. It’s reflected in many Bangkok porn sites. Most female performers do not seem to be happy by having sex, but spread their legs in contempt of their activity and forward looking to purchasing Golden necklaces.
Surprisingly, this new site Tuk Tuk Sex Patrol seems to be much different. While it’s rather new on the sales shelf, it surpises with active talent. Chiang Mai amateurs Pim and Tik with trimmed landing strip above their Thai pussy are the first very attractive models updated online. Other participants include Pattaya amateurs who are best described as stretchmark cougars. They look old and worn out by being sex workers for many years, but they do know how to provide pleasure with oral intercourse once the camera starts rolling. They almost blow as good as a Golden ladyboy. Let’s see what erotic Thailand girl’s camps will offer with future updates.

Japanese Gravure Nudes


Fresh news from Japan: Gravure Website has just been released this last week. Studio nudes of young Japanese adult models between 18 and 27 in extensive nude photos similar to websites from Thailand like Met Art Asians. Some of Gravure’s babes are shaved teen amateurs, but many are regular adult performers. Depictions and Japanese models are sophisticated in style. They dress in fantasy fetish costumes like butterfly, dominatrix, hospital patient or soccer girl. During each photo sessions they strip down to reveal female’s finest parts. Images are exclusive and uncensored. That’s different from many other sites from Japan that are covered with mosaics over most important locations. As said, Gravure is totally uncensored, but tasteful in style. My favorite model must be Mami Niikura. She is the one depicted on sample above. Mami is just so cute and adorable like a perfect looking Japanese teen amateur model from most erotic dreams.

Sweaty and Bald

dark skin and shaved
Finding hairless models is easy, but genuine shaved Asian amateurs are more difficult to find. Specially, when you like dark skinned LBFM type women, they seem to be scared of razor blades. They are afraid Gilette razor blades would hurt their tight and sensitive tissue next to their labia or vulva. Yesterday, I discovered a great new camgirl: Morena. Brand new talent on the block and filled with horny, moist juices that drip out of her shaved vagina while she penetrates her love box with two fingers or vibrators. She penetrates her female genitalia so deeply that she could easily become a pornstar for double penetration scenes. You have to see her on Asian 247 as soon as you read this because I think she is looking for a hard and lasting lover to take care of her.
Direct access to her chat Profile:
Morena on Asian Chat

camgirl live sex screenshot
Morena is masturbating intense. She is penetrating her dark shaved Filipina pussy with her vibrator. Vaginal outflow proves extreme sexual enjoyment and lubrication for sex. Additional stimulation is received from fingering her teen Asian anus while dreaming of tongue in her ass.

Genuine Pinay Teens

It has become very calm and flow of new Filipina nudie talent is limited to just a couple of sites that keep using the same girls all over and over. Recently, I stumbled upon a bit of a newer website: PI Monger. It’s a Philippine sex guide for tourists and expats who share their girlie adventures online. Photos and videos of bargirl stripping in hotel rooms with contact info on their bars (most of them are from Manila and Angeles City). It’s real and genuine Filipina amateur content and much more innocent and funny than other subscription based sites. It’s less commercial for sure and more private. Intimate views of bargirl pussy with some real cuties, but also with filthy sluts who can do nothing but spreading their legs for money. PI Monger provides information and advice for people who want to visit the Philippines and their red-light districts for fun and cheap booze. Videos and photos are a bonus, but since they are so original and unique they add great value. I found one lady that was depicted there who also played a starring role in a Trike Patrol porn movie episode 4 years ago as perfect LBFM girl Marilyn. She is still working as a hooker in an Angeles City bar and looks great once naked in horizontal position. Now, she calls herself Claudia and is worth being checked out for your personal sexual experience.

Filipina Sex Book

filipina sex site

Breaking News: Filipina Sex Diary was launched, today. This new online sex book from the Philippines is groundbreaking sexual exploitation of social network addicts. Find out how easy it is to have sex with easy girls from Facebook friends and Date-in-Asia profiles.

Natural Asian Boobs

natural boobs fashion model
A different Asian model: Rachel lives and works as a fashion model in Moscow, Russia.

Natural Asian beauty is at it’s best when you see great boobs on a petite rack. She has to be flawless and look like a Vietnamese Eva and not like an enhanced mutant like women look naked after plastic surgery. One of the best sources for flawless Asian nudes are nude art sites. Just a small part of it’s models are Asian, but they are so much different than the bulk of Oriental sex discount stuff. Nude Art or fine art photography and videos focus on erotic and sensual display of women’s bodies without prejudice and by using the finest equipment in the most creative way. Sometimes it’s creators’ ways of work are way more interesting than naked boobs or close-up genitals in finest detail. It’s just my personal opinion as an adult blogger that I dislike ‘normal’ bargirl and street whore sites more and more. They keep showing the same sad amateurs in low quality content from Philippines and Thailand. What buggs me most: producers don’t make the slightest effort to increase quality. Trash in the background and under/overexposed footage is all just the same boring as 10 years ago when first digital cams were released to consumers.
If you like an artsy and respectful approach to the beauty of Asian women - and nude fermale models in general - you will love this selection to high grade Asian pussy: Asians on Met Art. All I can say, it shows different Asian women. Natural, unexploited, exotic and adorable.

Horny Thai Girlfriends

Pics of Thai girls

Lots of single guys visit Thailand for the sole purpose of finding a temporary girlfriend for a steamy beach vacation. Sleeping in long, going to the beach, getting drunk and having fun - and of course lots of sex with their trophy girls from bars, beer gardens or adult dating sites like dateinasia.com. Luckily, those bastards all bring a digicam along to take naked images of their Asian sex machines from Pattaya, Phuket, PhiPhi and Koh Samui. Recently, this a new website called Submit my Thai is taking submissions from guys who want to expose their pretty ladies online (for whatever reason). It’s fresh stuff, but it’s based on a monthly subscription plan if you care to spend some bucks on hookers from Pattaya.

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Chinese Pussy Jungle

China girl

When looking for Asians who are hairy below the belt, you have many choices. Visayan Filipinas are hairy, so are Malay and Indonesian amateurs. But if your look for Asian models who are natural down there and beautiful at the same time, Chinese pussy would be my first choice of recommendation. The only problem: Chinese nudes are very hard to find. Yes, sure you have all those Chinese-American sluts from California and New York, but they are shaven and rude. Then you have all those Thai girls being marketed as Bejing and Shanghai beauties for privacy reasons and so on. If you look at nude art sites there is one Chinese photographer who shoots gorgeous models in Hainan, a tropical island between Hong Kong and Vietnam. His shots are also available on Metcn.com, but it’s membership section is just available to people who speak Chinese and mail in their subscription fee by snail mail. In the meantime you would need to rest with Chinese pussy from Met Art - Magic Nude Teens, where China girl are mixed in between Russians and Latina beauties. It’s certainly one of the best offers online. If you care, they also market a bonus to online version of Playboy magazine. Not sure about how many Chinese teens they have, but they are squattered around and you find them after some time. Great stuff in high quality and with extremely natural ladies from China.

Pussy on a Trip

public nudity Philippines

I am pretty sure this new Filipino sex site Pleasure Me Asia will be called a big Filipina sex scandal by print media and TV in the Philippines, soon. Inside a new update they feature three spiffy girls going out on a trip without panties. While sitting in public transportation inside trikes they do spread their legs to offer views of their horny pussy. They also lounge in public parks where they display their LBFM bits for everybody to see. Man, those girls are hot! It’s everybody’s dream to have such hot and horny girls flash their wet vaginas for you in public. They are not shy, but true Filipina teen sluts on a trip for fun. Public transportation has never been as attractive in this country loaded with massive road congestions.

Filipina Schoolgirl Exposed

Actually, I hate to cover anything related to Asian Schoolgirls because most of the teens who are supposed to be hot girls from school are not really what they pretend to be. Mostly they are just normal Asian whores or amateurs with pigtails, lollipop and a fancy school uniform from last year’s Halloween party. This is the case for 95% of all so called Asian Schoolgirl content. Yet, I have discovered a couple of real nice Filipina school girls on Schoolgirls Asia, a website dealing about South East Asian teens, mainly from the Philippines and Thailand. Most models are very simple Asian teens who dream about getting married to a foreign man. “Hey Joe", step in and say hello to your future wife!

schoolgirl skirt
Maam is a sexy ’schoolgirl’ from Cebu in the Philippines. Her sugar ass looks not that bad at all.

Filipina Babe Cams Reloaded

It’s probably the most famous Asian camgirl site with Filipina camgirls: Asian Babe Cams. Just recently, Babecams have been upgraded with many new features including a chat window that is adjustable in size and added audio stream. You can hear your favorite camgirls talk and observe their naughty noises while they perform live sex shows from the their homes in Manila, Cebu and elsewhere in Asia. It’s a great experience as it adds value. The number of online chatgirls has increased significantly after the upgrade as models with slow modems find it easier to connect to the chat server.

Many new features for video chat with Asian teens. The big chat window allows better viewing. The stream improved in quality depending on connection speed of model and visitor.

Outdoor Nudes: Natural Bush in the Sun

It’s nice to get naked in summer to obtain a nice tan. Asian naturist Sugar loves to get undressed on a secluded private beach to expose her white skin to powerful sunbeams of the South Chinese Sea. Of course she enjoys the special combination of hot sun rays and the windy air blowing though her bush topping her Venus Delta. Sugar is one of many Asian amateur models from Little Brown Fucking Machines, a website dedicated to Thai and Filipina sex. She can be seen in outdoor nude photo shoots.

outdoor bush
Sugar on a private beach. She is one of few Asian naturists who enjoy nude sunbathing. Her pubic hair is blossoming like a flower.

Nude Vietnam Vixen

Sometimes Asian girls are found where you don’t expect them. Yoko for example is an unique Vietnamese girl that can not be found on any Asian site. I think, we are the first ones to show her off on our Asian teen blog. We found her on a European nude art site: Hegre Nude Art. Petter Hegre is a fantastic erotic photographer who shoots spiffy European babes most of the time. He found Yoko from Vietnam while searching for models in Spain, a long haul from Saigon, Yoko’s original hometown. Hegre shot various sets with her and they are all in great quality. If you like hot babes in fine art nudes, his site is the best - and you do get Vietnamese babe Yoko in the same package.
nude vietnam babe Yoko
Shaved Vietnam pussy is hard to find. Say ‘HI’ to Yoko from Saigon.

Bald Filipina Porn Starlet

Her name is Lesie and she looks like an average teen from the Philippines when you meet her in a Makati shopping mall or in a Pasay restaurant. But wait until she gets naked! Then she reveals her Asian LBFM body that is made for sex. Leslie got casted by a Manila film crew to play in Manila hardcore movies for Trike Patrol, a raunchy Filipino teen hardcore site offering access to sex tourist exploits with horny Filipina girls. She is certainly a trophy for any foreigner who wants to bang a cute teen Filipina amateur from Quezon City. Look at her smooth body and her flawless Pinay pussy that is shaved until totally hairless. Yummy Manila vagina!

Filipina ass
Flawless body and totally shaved under her belt: Leslie was a trophy session for the stunt cock of her first Filipino porn movie.

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