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Foreign girls solicit for paid sex in Wanchai. This line up of naked women is the trophy series from a new website. The flags indicate their nationalities.

Many expats dream about scoring a high paid job in Hong Kong. It’s not just because of high salary and low taxes. Daily expenses are high in this special administrative zone of China and former British Colony. One of the big benefits of working and living in Hong Kong is access to great nightlife. Those who want prime pussy order upscale Kowloon escorts and those who prefer cheaper and friendlier girls venture out to Wanchai, a district famous for it’s girlie bars, watering holes and discos staffed with foreign women who obviously solicit for sexual services. Most of these hookers are from neighbouring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, but there are also exotic freelancers from Colombia and Russia (they charge 3 times as much for being import models). Let’s stick with the friendly, cheap Asians. A newish website Asian Sex Diary shows sex scenes with many Hong Kong freelancers from discos like Neptune and Wanchai. Most of them have cleanly shaven girlie bits (an indication for increased sexual activity).
Read all of: Asian Sex Diary.
Freelancers are prostitutes that work own their own. They are neither employed by a sauna brothel nor do they need a pimp or mamasan to feed them customers.

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Whatever happend to Sherylie?

shaved cherry

Hot teens and sexy amateurs from the Philippines were featured on Go to Phil, a website formed by leisure travelers and travel sex connoisseurs from around the globe. The site featured a very active message board for members sharing nudes of their Filipina girlfriends. Most of the sexy Filipina girls were 18 to 30 year hot women with warm personalities and highly desirable bodies. One of their ‘girls of the month’ was Sherylie. She made it inside the Philippine FHM edition with the little help of her boyfriend who was a photographer.

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Asian Cam Models Relaunch


New Looks of Asian Cam Models portal. It’s cleaner than old Java version with easier navigation and better quality features for audio and video.

Have you tried accessing webcams over the past months? Chances are you had no access due to errors caused by outdated Java plugins that prevented videos to play on your laptop or desktop. Unfortunately, this Java error was never fixed by their developers. As a result many webcam sites have developed new scripts and technology to stay in business and offer more live sex from Asia. Asian Cam Models is one of the first portals to offer a new versions. It’s based on Flash technology and works well on desktops and laptops on both, Mac OSX and Windows. Together with this technology change design and layout were changed. Now, it is much easier to navigate. It also allows viewers to bookmark favorites and observe private model photos in high resolution once logged in. Basic membership is free. It just requires a valid email address.

Japanese Gravure Nudes


Fresh news from Japan: Gravure Website has just been released this last week. Studio nudes of young Japanese adult models between 18 and 27 in extensive nude photos similar to websites from Thailand like Met Art Asians. Some of Gravure’s babes are shaved teen amateurs, but many are regular adult performers. Depictions and Japanese models are sophisticated in style. They dress in fantasy fetish costumes like butterfly, dominatrix, hospital patient or soccer girl. During each photo sessions they strip down to reveal female’s finest parts. Images are exclusive and uncensored. That’s different from many other sites from Japan that are covered with mosaics over most important locations. As said, Gravure is totally uncensored, but tasteful in style. My favorite model must be Mami Niikura. She is the one depicted on sample above. Mami is just so cute and adorable like a perfect looking Japanese teen amateur model from most erotic dreams.

Sweaty and Bald

dark skin and shaved
Finding hairless models is easy, but genuine shaved Asian amateurs are more difficult to find. Specially, when you like dark skinned LBFM type women, they seem to be scared of razor blades. They are afraid Gilette razor blades would hurt their tight and sensitive tissue next to their labia or vulva. Yesterday, I discovered a great new camgirl: Morena. Brand new talent on the block and filled with horny, moist juices that drip out of her shaved vagina while she penetrates her love box with two fingers or vibrators. She penetrates her female genitalia so deeply that she could easily become a pornstar for double penetration scenes. You have to see her on Asian 247 as soon as you read this because I think she is looking for a hard and lasting lover to take care of her.
Direct access to her chat Profile:
Morena on Asian Chat

camgirl live sex screenshot
Morena is masturbating intense. She is penetrating her dark shaved Filipina pussy with her vibrator. Vaginal outflow proves extreme sexual enjoyment and lubrication for sex. Additional stimulation is received from fingering her teen Asian anus while dreaming of tongue in her ass.

Nude Vietnam Vixen

Sometimes Asian girls are found where you don’t expect them. Yoko for example is an unique Vietnamese girl that can not be found on any Asian site. I think, we are the first ones to show her off on our Asian teen blog. We found her on a European nude art site: Hegre Nude Art. Petter Hegre is a fantastic erotic photographer who shoots spiffy European babes most of the time. He found Yoko from Vietnam while searching for models in Spain, a long haul from Saigon, Yoko’s original hometown. Hegre shot various sets with her and they are all in great quality. If you like hot babes in fine art nudes, his site is the best - and you do get Vietnamese babe Yoko in the same package.
nude vietnam babe Yoko
Shaved Vietnam pussy is hard to find. Say ‘HI’ to Yoko from Saigon.

Bald Filipina Porn Starlet

Her name is Lesie and she looks like an average teen from the Philippines when you meet her in a Makati shopping mall or in a Pasay restaurant. But wait until she gets naked! Then she reveals her Asian LBFM body that is made for sex. Leslie got casted by a Manila film crew to play in Manila hardcore movies for Trike Patrol, a raunchy Filipino teen hardcore site offering access to sex tourist exploits with horny Filipina girls. She is certainly a trophy for any foreigner who wants to bang a cute teen Filipina amateur from Quezon City. Look at her smooth body and her flawless Pinay pussy that is shaved until totally hairless. Yummy Manila vagina!

Filipina ass
Flawless body and totally shaved under her belt: Leslie was a trophy session for the stunt cock of her first Filipino porn movie.

Shaved Thai Girl from Germany

She is a sexy young Thai girl, but she no longer lives in Thailand. She moved to Germany many years ago after her mother married a German man. Now, sexy Yo starts out as an erotic model on Jan’s Nudes, an European based nude and amateur portal devoted to sexy babes.

thai-german teen
thai-german pussy

Thai-German teen model Yu exposes her shaved Thai pussy for Jan’s DSLR lens

Nude Asian Hooker

Most Asian teen porn sites provide a fantasy. First, not all girls are teens, but in their mid twenties. Their petite racks and a bit of makeup help to make them look much younger. Second, they use stage names and fake locations. Like some sites say their girls are from Indonesia, while they are Filipinas or Thai and so on. Of course there are a couple of sites who do the real thing. They are exposing real Asian girls and locations where to meet them. Have a look at World Sex Archives. It’s not your typical Asian porn site for a daily fix, but a message board of active sex tourists who travel around Asia, take nude pics of the Asian girls they fucked the previous night and post their experiences with pictures and movies on the board. It’s one of the most underrated sources for genuine Asian amateur teens. They cover all Asian countries, including destinations that go beyond the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. And the best thing is: with the information they provide you can meet up with the same chix and have sex with them as they are all Asian hookers just like all the girls from commercial porn sites. World Sex Archives can be your first step on becoming a sex tourist enroute to his first sex vacation in the Far east.

nude hooker
Shaved Asian hooker from Malaysia passing out on the couch. I guess she had too many tequila shots in KL’s Beach Club!

Ugly Asian Camgirl

ugly girl

I have no idea why she calls herself UglyGirl, but she is kinda funny and horny. Previously this Filipina teen cam babe was known as The Blonde Asian, but dying her dark hair every week became to expensive so she changed her name to UglyGirl. She is not ugly at all, but one of those adorable shaved Asian teens of the finest girlfriend quality from the Philippines.

ugly asian
UglyGirl’s video rental store allows VIP members to view all of her recorded camshows. She is hot!

I never bothered to look at her in the first place, but ever since they introduced VIP memberships to Asians 247 that allow access to recorded private shows I thought I could take a peek at her. My jaw popped open and hit the floor: “wow, that chick is the hottest piece of camgirl ass from Asia!” Seriously! She has 66 recorded camshows. Some of them are over 1 hour in length. She is quick in taking off her clothes, but leaves her dark high heels on when she masturbates her shaved Filipina vagina with 4 fingers. At the same time she shoves a dildo or a candle inside her tight Asian ass. Awesome action! You gotta hear the slippery sound of her masturbation technique along with her moaning and naughty talk as Asians 247 comes with build in audio capabilities. I am addicted to that ugly Asian teen cam girl even when she is not ugly at all.

Chinese Ass

One of the very few Chinese porn stars in the USA that start out in adult biz as a teen Asian is Evelyn Lin. The Chinese babe is respected as one of the most professional and yet one of the youngest Asian porn stars in the US. She got into adult biz because of her insatiable sex drive as her boyfriends could not satisfy her high performance sexual desires. Pretty funny. Most of the older porn stars say, it’s all biz and no fun, while this sexy young Chinese female does it for fun as well. It’s not difficult to find a lot of sex movies with Evelyn. When entering her name into Google or Yahoo search it shows a wide variety of sex scenes with her. One of the best high quality Asian-American porn sites is Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver. Evelyn is featured on this site together with most other Asian porn stars from the US. It’s a pretty neat and naughty collection of years of top notch Asian porn from Los Angeles.

Chinese ass
Evelyn Lin shoves her panty aside to show her Chinese ass

Asians 247

I never paid to much attention to the growing number of Asian chat sites since there are so many of them that it is pretty hard to keep track of them. However, a couple of days ago I was game to try something new: Asians 247. To my pleasant surprise this Asian chat site had a nice number of shaved Asian teen models online. Not as many as some of the bigger sites, but with more video and audio features like member chat and recorded shows. Instead of chatting up a girl in free chat and then taking her into a private you can skip this lenghty procedure on Asians 247 if you want. On the bottom of their page they have sections for member chat. This means the girl behind this chat window is naked already. No need to chat her out of her panties. It’s usually cheaper than private chat as you will share the Asian teen with some other members. The other feature are recorded shows. For just 99 cents VIP members get the chance to look at previously recorded shows with the models. Preview images and ratings of these recorded shows are available. It’s a great way to get a private show by just watching and without the need to type on your keyboard. Each model has a link to recorded shows on her portfolio page. I love this new feature as it makes it much more pleasure to enjoy shaved Asian teens on my screen. The recorded shows are much cheaper than private chat as they are priced at 99 cents only. Beats any Asian porn movie in my book.

asian teen butt
A shaved Asian teen exposes her butt in a revealing doggy style position

Hawaiian Teen

Have you ever been to Hawaii? It’s a great place and the girls are hot. A lot of Filipinos and Japanese settled on the Hawaiian islands. The mixed Western and Asian teen females look sexy as hell. Just look at Kona Kalani! She is a spiffy Hawaiian teen babe who is running her own Asian teen site on the internet. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her online :-) In the first weeks her site was more like a teaser. One of those sexy girls that knows how sexy she is, but wouldn’t show it all. But that has changed a bit. You get much nicer peeks at her Hawaiian girlie bits these days.

kona hawaii
If Kona doesn’t have a perfect mixed Asian teen body, who else has?

Asian Babe Cams with new look

Just today I was surprised very pleasantly when I visited my favorite Asian teen chat site Asian Babe Cams. The mother of all Asian sex chat sites with lots of Filipina teens, Thai girls and other Asians has received a face lift and improved video quality a lot by switching to a new software. The video streams are utilizing flash technology. The chat video windows are bigger and they also transmit audio. You can hear your Asian teen moan and squirt when she is masturbating for you with a huge dildo. While they are migrating databases to a new server there might be problems for existing members with their old passwords. All existing members remain their original accounts, by they may need to retrieve a new password on the bottom of the login form. A new password will be sent to you upon completion of the form should you experience any problems. I enjoy the new chat platform a lot as I get a much better view of my most favorite Asian teen chat girls on the block.

asian babe cams
The new design of Asian Babe Cams shows a larger streaming video frame with improved quality and audio features.

American Asians

Sometimes you don’t need to go to far to find a sexy Asian girl. That is specially true when you live in California. San Francisco is a melting pot for Asian culture in America and everybody knows the impressive dimensions of the Chinese and Korean population. It’s not a big surprise to find a new website that features Asian American girls from Northern California: SF Bay Models. The females on this site are mostly first time amateurs who are first or second generation immigrants from China, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Vietnam. It’s genuine content that you won’t find on any other site and the price is affordable with over 200,000 images and more than 100 video clips. Most of the models are not really teens anymore, but females in their mid to late twenties, but as you know Asian girls - even from America - look much fresher than western women. Their shaved Asian pussies make them so delicious looking.

shaved asian amateur
Unlike girls who were raised and are living in Asia, American-Asian girls are usually shaved between their legs.

Asian Bikini Girls

Asian girls in bikinis are a beautiful sight. To my endless delight I met these two Asian-American chicks while strolling along the Beach Models of Florida. Normally, it is a pickup place for Latina girls. You can imagine how much I enjoyed to see Raquel and Sarah on this site. The two Asian babes wear nothing but super tiny micro bikinis. Micros are just strings that barely cover nipple and clit. They are on the beach to get a nice tan. Before they rub each other with protective sun lotion. Wanna help them to cover their backs with some milky cream? I bet it would be enjoyable to touch their smooth soft skin and moisture it with coconut cream that looks similar to your cum :-) However, these 2 Asians are not the shy type of amateurs and teens that you are used from real Asian girl sites, but americanized girls who are nasty and naughty for a change. Asian sluts on the beach!

Persia Panty Girl

Have you ever seen a Persian girl nude? Persia being the old name of the Iran? Have a look at Persia from Asian Panty Peeks! Sexy Persia is an Asian teen who is living in America. Her ancestors immigrated from the Iran 30 years ago to America, so you could say she is one of the very few real Persian girls on the net, that can be seen naked. Independent of her heritage she is one of the hottest models on Asian Panty Peeks, a site that is devoted to Asian teens undressing their underwear and fancy uniforms like maids, race queens, nurses, etc. It’s not about the explicit exposure of female genitals as much as commercial porn sites, but more of a fetish loving idea to watch spiffy Asian teens exposing their bits in a homey atmosphere. The images of Persia and her friends are of great quality and of good resolution. You can see all details as images are presented with minimal compression. According to the stats on the member’s main page they have over 50,000 images and many videos online.

nude persia
Persia knees down to give a peek into her crack. Her Vagina is shaved while there is plenty of hair around her anus. Just slide that g-string to the side :-)

Asian on Met-Art

Aurika is a helluva shaven Asian babe. It’s a perfect10 Asian American girl from California. She is what the Apaches would call a halfblood.

asian on met art

There are a few more Asian girls on Most Erotic Teens, a site that is known for being the best nude art page on the internet. Nude art is an expression for nudes that emphasize female shapes rather than pornographic genital close ups. It’s more respectful towards women and very erotic if the photographer knows what he is doing. While Slavic and Russian girls dominate Met-Art you do find an Asian amateur here and there. However, Aurika is by far the best shaven Asian on the site. Most other Asian models on the site are of Japanese descent.

Anal Angelina

Angelina does not look a bit innocent at all when you look at her spreading both legs for a photo shoot at Asian Apple Seed. Spreading her legs is not the only thing Angelina can do - well, actually it is. What I mean is she will let you do with her spread whatever you want. You can lick her shaved pussy or you can fuck her Thai ass as long as you want. She is a real whore. One of the worst kind. Why else would she like to have her nude image taken and allow another guy to fuck her ass in front of a rolling camcorder? Think twice! As long as you are fine with paying for an Asian cunt, Angelina is a great lay. She is a real smooth three-holer, a complete Thai sex package.

anal whore
Thai bargirls Angelina offers all three holes for penetration.

Tia Ling and Jazmine Jazz

Both are completely shaven and they love lesbian games with a strap-on dildo: Tia Ling and Jasmine Jazz. Jasmin is a Canadian adult actress with Filipina blood and Tia Ling is a well known Asian-American pornstar with Korean heritage. Both girls appear in Tia Ling’s Asian Pornstar site in a feature that was taken earlier this year during a big erotic fair in las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike other porn stars who have their studios and marketing companies manage their fan sites, Tia is doing all the webmaster stuff for her web site on her own. She is meeting up with adult webmaster for promotional shoots and she does produce a lot of exclusive shoots that can only be seen inside her members’ area.

Tia Ling and Jasmine Jazz
Tia and Jasmine work each others shaved vaginas with a strap-on dildo.

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Hairless Asian girls with completely shaved pussies. Bald vaginas from Asia are very tasty and smooth. If you like hairless Asian pussy read on and enjoy the shimmer of female bits on our Asian amateur blog.


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