Asian MILF

Asian MILF

They say, Asian MILF give the best sex, specially when they are in need of some hard cash. We asked porn producer Jimmy Regina of Trike Patrol if that is true: ‘Yes MILF fuck better! They know they need to make up for their fluffy tits and strechmarks by giving better head and fucking with more endurance. We love them!’ Well, you gotta believe it is true if such an prolific Filipina MILF and LBFM specialist makes such a clear statement. Many of the Filipina LBFM girls from Trike Patrol episodes are single mothers who have to survive by giving head to foreign men in sleazy bars of Angeles City, a nightlife epicenter in the Philippines. Although they are shy and conservative they love to participate in Filipino porn movies because that is their only way to survive and secure a safe future. Their sexual performance is certainly better than what you get from so called Cherry Girls - ladies who want to get married first before they have sex. Oh, did you ever wonder what MILF means? Mother I like to fuck!

shaved lbfm
A shaved Filipina LBFM MILF in a Filipino hardcore porn scene

Little brown fucking machines is a term that was formed by American GIs who enjoyed having sex with Asian ladies while fighting wars in Vietnam and other parts of Asia. LBFM girls are dark skinned caramel or ebony colored Asians, mostly from rural parts of the continent.


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