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Thai women earned their reputation as exotic Asian love machines, but to be honest, I find it difficult to find good looking Thai teens of 18 to 20 years in age who are great between satin sheets. Usually, they are pre-occupied with mobile devices and observing their Oriental beauty in replica handbag mirrors. It’s reflected in many Bangkok porn sites. Most female performers do not seem to be happy by having sex, but spread their legs in contempt of their activity and forward looking to purchasing Golden necklaces.
Surprisingly, this new site Tuk Tuk Sex Patrol seems to be much different. While it’s rather new on the sales shelf, it surpises with active talent. Chiang Mai amateurs Pim and Tik with trimmed landing strip above their Thai pussy are the first very attractive models updated online. Other participants include Pattaya amateurs who are best described as stretchmark cougars. They look old and worn out by being sex workers for many years, but they do know how to provide pleasure with oral intercourse once the camera starts rolling. They almost blow as good as a Golden ladyboy. Let’s see what erotic Thailand girl’s camps will offer with future updates.

Genuine Pinay Teens

It has become very calm and flow of new Filipina nudie talent is limited to just a couple of sites that keep using the same girls all over and over. Recently, I stumbled upon a bit of a newer website: PI Monger. It’s a Philippine sex guide for tourists and expats who share their girlie adventures online. Photos and videos of bargirl stripping in hotel rooms with contact info on their bars (most of them are from Manila and Angeles City). It’s real and genuine Filipina amateur content and much more innocent and funny than other subscription based sites. It’s less commercial for sure and more private. Intimate views of bargirl pussy with some real cuties, but also with filthy sluts who can do nothing but spreading their legs for money. PI Monger provides information and advice for people who want to visit the Philippines and their red-light districts for fun and cheap booze. Videos and photos are a bonus, but since they are so original and unique they add great value. I found one lady that was depicted there who also played a starring role in a Trike Patrol porn movie episode 4 years ago as perfect LBFM girl Marilyn. She is still working as a hooker in an Angeles City bar and looks great once naked in horizontal position. Now, she calls herself Claudia and is worth being checked out for your personal sexual experience.

Filipina Sex Book

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Breaking News: Filipina Sex Diary was launched, today. This new online sex book from the Philippines is groundbreaking sexual exploitation of social network addicts. Find out how easy it is to have sex with easy girls from Facebook friends and Date-in-Asia profiles.

Horny Thai Girlfriends

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Lots of single guys visit Thailand for the sole purpose of finding a temporary girlfriend for a steamy beach vacation. Sleeping in long, going to the beach, getting drunk and having fun - and of course lots of sex with their trophy girls from bars, beer gardens or adult dating sites like Luckily, those bastards all bring a digicam along to take naked images of their Asian sex machines from Pattaya, Phuket, PhiPhi and Koh Samui. Recently, this a new website called Submit my Thai is taking submissions from guys who want to expose their pretty ladies online (for whatever reason). It’s fresh stuff, but it’s based on a monthly subscription plan if you care to spend some bucks on hookers from Pattaya.

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Pussy on a Trip

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I am pretty sure this new Filipino sex site Pleasure Me Asia will be called a big Filipina sex scandal by print media and TV in the Philippines, soon. Inside a new update they feature three spiffy girls going out on a trip without panties. While sitting in public transportation inside trikes they do spread their legs to offer views of their horny pussy. They also lounge in public parks where they display their LBFM bits for everybody to see. Man, those girls are hot! It’s everybody’s dream to have such hot and horny girls flash their wet vaginas for you in public. They are not shy, but true Filipina chicks on a trip for fun. Public transportation has never been as attractive in this country loaded with massive road congestions.

Filipina Schoolgirl Exposed

Actually, I hate to cover anything related to Asian Schoolgirls because most of the teens who are supposed to be hot girls from school are not really what they pretend to be. Mostly they are just normal Asian whores or amateurs with pigtails, lollipop and a fancy school uniform from last year’s Halloween party. This is the case for 95% of all so called Asian Schoolgirl content. Yet, I have discovered a couple of real nice Filipina school girls on Schoolgirls Asia, a website dealing about South East Asian teens, mainly from the Philippines and Thailand. Most models are very simple Asian teens who dream about getting married to a foreign man. “Hey Joe", step in and say hello to your future wife!

schoolgirl skirt
Maam is a sexy ’schoolgirl’ from Cebu in the Philippines. Her sugar ass looks not that bad at all.

Filipina Babe Cams Reloaded

It’s probably the most famous Asian camgirl site with Filipina camgirls: Asian Babe Cams. Just recently, Babecams have been upgraded with many new features including a chat window that is adjustable in size and added audio stream. You can hear your favorite camgirls talk and observe their naughty noises while they perform live sex shows from the their homes in Manila, Cebu and elsewhere in Asia. It’s a great experience as it adds value. The number of online chatgirls has increased significantly after the upgrade as models with slow modems find it easier to connect to the chat server.

Many new features for video chat with Asian teens. The big chat window allows better viewing. The stream improved in quality depending on connection speed of model and visitor.

Asian Babe Cams Update

I guess all of you guys hear of Asian Babe Cams, the largest Asian chat girl portal with LBFM girls from the Philippines and Thailand. According to a recent release by it’s site owners, the software platform has been updated from Javascript to Flash. This means better quality video transmission and a couple of new features. If you haven’t been on ABC in the recent past, it may be well worth a new visit to explore the technical innovation. The website managaers have been attempted a similar swith to a new platform last year, but it failed. I hope the new version of their great Asian Chat site works better this time!

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The new chat platform allows for better quality video streams on Asian Babe Cams. The update has taken place during the first week of October 2009.

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Filipino Fucking Update

Filipino Fuck is one of the prime sites for Filipino hardcore porn. I am not talking about sexy Pinay softcore nudes, but real hardcore porn with Filipina LBFM girls. The site has been on pretty old content for the past years, but in July they finally started updating again with fresh Filipina sex movies. It shows colorful Filipina bargirls in action including hardcore, masturbation and lesbian scenes. The content is pretty fresh and filmed in HD according to the tour and updated 3 times a week. If you like short Filipinas in long lasting porn action, have a look at the newest updates on Filipino Fuck as long as they are fresh.
For another point of view about this site drive by Filipina porn reviews on All Asian porn review blog that was written recently. It will provide a valuable second opinion.

Filipina blowjob
A dark sinned Filipina bargirl starts out with a lbfm-style blowjob to make her lover hard for a good Filipina hardcore session.

Filipina LBFM

Hot Filipina teen Marilyn is a perfect example for a sexy LBFM with perfectly shaped body proportions. Her B-Cup boobs are like moulded by God in person, as ass is round, no scars or stretchmark on her stomach and a wet LBFM pussy filled with Filipina love juice. Marilyn is 19 years of age and believe it or not, she is still single. My friend met her the other day in an Angeles City bar and she just broke up with her boyfriend. That’s why she starred in a Pinay porn movie on Trike Patrol, as she wanted to show potential foreign boyfriends how much she likes good sex and that she goes out of her way to please a guy. Now, that’s the kind of Asian teen girlfriend you want to have in your bed at night. I guess she will be pretty demanding for daily sex as she likes to have at least 2 orgasms a day, she told me. Crazy Filipino chick!

nude marilyn sex
Filipino porn starlet Marilyn shown in a Trike Patrol LBFM porn episode. She is single again and looking for a new boyfriend :-) Her favorite sex position is doggy style.

Thai Teen Tia

Tia is a petite Thai girl of 19 years and she operates a Thai porn site together with her French boyfriend. It’s not just Tia who can be seen on the Bangkok hardcore site Thai Girl Tia, but a lot of other barely legal Thai teens aged 18 and 19 according to the quotes on their website. All of the Asian amateur models have three things in common: they are very petite, they love to receive facial cumshots and for some reasons their labiae are pretty big. Labia is the medical term for the outside of their Thai vaginas. This swelling usually happens when girls get very horny and a lot of blood is circulated in and around the blood vessels close to the Thai vagina. Now, you know that the girls from Thai girl Tia are naturally hot teen Asians from Thailand who enjoy their profession: having sex every day! Man, I wish I could find such nice petite Thai girls in a bar when I visit Pattaya or Phuket on my next Asian vacation for Christmas. The last time I had a petite Thai teen dance on my lap with her Thai vagina she started to menstruating and messed up my jeans with her smelly blood.

thai tia
Tia and one of her petite lesbian friends take a bath together.

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Filipina Sherylie

There have been a few Filipina solo girl sites out on the market before so this is nothing new, but Sherylie is the first Filipina LBFM to be featured in the FHM Philippines magazine. The extroverted Filipina teen hails from Angeles City, a town known for it’s vibrant nightlife and beautiful women. It’s no wonder her site features more than just nudes of this petite night vixen, but also plenty candid shots during her nightly party tours from bars, rest rooms and swimming sessions under the moonlight. Pretty cool stuff. As of now her site gets updated 2 or 3 times a week. A pretty good start.

Nicely trimmed under her panties and a petite rack are the physical basics of Sherylie who presents her solo girl site from the Philippines.

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Filipina Cam Girls

While most Asian porn movie and photo sites are filled with Japanese and Thai girls, Asian webcam sites are filled with LBFM amateurs from the Philippines. One of the newer Asian teen chat sites is Filipina Magic. Chat rates on this network are significantly cheaper than on many other Asian Chat sites. Most of the Filipina girls are true dark skinned LBFM. Some are MILFs, single moms who have children to support while other are true Filipina teens aged 18, 19 or 20. I would say it’s half and half. The total amount of Filipino girls who solicit for private chat time where they show their sexy bodies and perform sex acts like masturbation is incredible. It must be a huge industry in the Philippines by now and it is growing stronger with internet access becoming vastly available all over the country thanks to mobile wifi services with cheaper online access than internet cafes. More and more cam girls work out of their private homes as to them being forced to work for cam studios in the past where they were exploited by studio owners. My tip would be to look for independent camgirls on Filipina Magic to make sure the girl gets her full pay for this erotic chat.

filipina camgirl
A shaved LBFM from Filipina Magic’s new advertising campaign. According to reliable sources she is a Filipina MILF who previously worked as a bar girl and is now available on video chat.

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Thai Teens

A fellow blogger made me aware of a website that most of you probably never heard of: Best Teens. This site specializes in teen sex with 18 to 20 year old teens. It’s a mix of western girls and a large amount of Thai teens. A lot of fresh faces and it seems that most of the Thai girls are true first timers to making love in front of a camera. The guy running the site is filming and acting himself in all the videos. It’s incredible how many barely legal teens from around the world he has laid with his Swedish steel rod and many of them are gorgeous and natural - total girlfriend material as experts would say (if I could call myself an expert - that would be LOL). It’s a nice change from all the nasty hookers that can be seen all over the other Thai porn sites with more sensuality in combination with a bit of voyeurism. It’s a site with a different concept, just nice to observe the diffrence to commercial Thai porn.

Thai teen dee
Dee is a first time amateur from Best Teens. She and a lot of her Thai teen friends can be seen in first time POV sex acts.

Nude Filipina Teen

I always wanted find out the difference between free and private chat, but never had enough time to spend more on any of the various Asian Chat sites that are available on the internet. Somehow I felt attracted to this fine Filipina teen who said she is 19 years of age and started to work online about 2 weeks ago. She is a typical Asian teen babe with a petite figure, nice boobs and very shy. I like her as she doesn’t just jump into your face with open legs, but it takes a little effort to get her going. Initially I found her on Asian Webcam Guide, but as far as I understand this site is just listing feeds from third parties. To cut my experience short: I had a fine time and enjoyed her clothes go off. Pretty nice ass! She told me that ass means ‘puwet‘ in Filipino language so I actually learned a naughty word in Tagalog.

teen filipina
filipina ass

That’s how a strip of an Asian teen model starts when you enter a private chat in a video chat session. Performers ask what you want to see and they put up a nice private show. If you don’t like what you see you can always hit the ‘end’ button to stop the performance whenever you like.

Asian TGP

Do you know what thumbnail galleries are? These are single pages with a set of 10 to 20 free images from a website that are given away in large quantities every day. Every porn site out on the market is using such free galleries to attract surfers who might have interest to join them. That’s why they give these samples away for free. The problem is actually to find good Thumbnail Gallery Posts - short TGP who are honest and list those free galleries in a listing without traps. Unfortunately a lot of TGPs don’t care if you end up on a gallery but they send you to totally other sites to be rated on toplists in exchange for return clicks and some of them even force you into illegal downloads or circle jerks. I have compiled a short list of good Asian TGP sites that will list good galleries and won’t bother you with redirects or any other time wasting tricks. All of them update every day:

Asian Porn Zilla - pretty nice selection of Asians and ladyboys
Asian Thumbs - the biggest Asian TGP by far with search in all archives
World Sex Asians - solid text based Asian teen category
Asian Sex Eden - Mostly Asian glamour girls from Japan and Thailand
Osaka 69 - filthy hardcore galleries of bargirls and Thai streatmeat

Thai Coed

The website Thai Coeds is around for an eternity. It features Thai girls having sex with white guys. Most of the Thai ladies are fairly attractive and in their early twenties - as most Thai babes they are shaven. Just a few weeks ago they completely revamped the site and it is much easier to navigate, now. It’s full of Thai college girls who sideline as cyber models or massage parlor attendants. The site gives not only access to Thai girls, but also to a network of Asian Bootleg sites that includes Filipina and Indonesian girls as well as Hawaiian porn with celebrity adult stars from the Pacific islands. I will need to review their Hawaiian site soon to give you better insight into the sex scene of Honolulu and Waikiki. In the meantime bear with me as I will be on vacation for about a week before I come back to write a new post about teen Asian chix. Hope my sunburn won’t be as bad as last year.

Thai coed
A topless Thai girl on the casting couch for the Asian Bootleg website network.

Manila Girls

The capital of the Philippines is well known for it’s nightlife with bars, massage parlors and KTVs: Manila. There is a website on the net called 4Womenoftheworld that features images, photos and reports from sex toruists who have conquered some of the seediest Philippine nightlife spots in Manila. They paid the bars to take the Filipina bargirls back to their hotels to film them during their wild parties. These LBFM girls got very wild, played strip poker and presented their nude LBFM bodies moist from sweat and babyoil while the music machine in the back of the room blasted hot R’n'B songs. Nightlife in Manila is top and Filipina girls definately know how to make a man’s heart beat faster.

manila girls
A group of Filipina girls during a private sex party in Manila

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Little brown fucking machines is a term that was formed by American GIs who enjoyed having sex with Asian ladies while fighting wars in Vietnam and other parts of Asia. LBFM girls are dark skinned caramel or ebony colored Asians, mostly from rural parts of the continent.


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