Japanese Bush

Japanese Bush

Japanese girls seem to have some of the most natural and beautifully cultivated vulvas on the planet. Japanese pubic hair grows in a perfect V shape. It’s not very dense, but the hair can grow very long. I have met Japanese girls with hair as long as 6 inches, but from the distance they looked like perfectly trimmed. For some reason they don’t have to much hair on the side of the vulva, but just a lot of it on top of the clit. Of course you can see some Japanese porn actresses who do have excessive bushes just like this Tokyo girl from Maccy Bar.

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A hairy Japanese porn actress is getting her clitoris stimulated for a scene on Maccy Bar.

Asians usually have little pubic haory, but many Asian ladies love to grow the hair around their genital area for years producing some of the most hairy vaginas in the world.


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