Camgirl Bush

Camgirl Bush

For a few months I have been observing this Asian camgirl Hairylicious on a Asian sex chat site. She always poses in a specially tailored pantie that shows most of her extremely bushy and completely unshaved pussy. She is a 22year old Filipina according to her profile and very eager to tear her genital lips apart in order to allow a full perspective of her wide Filipina clit. I think she lies a bit about her age, because when I chatted with her she seemed decently educated and very conscious about herself and the way she attracts customers to her unshaven fuckhole. I have seen her in private and she is very quick in pulling down her tiny panty. She is not one of these girls who will tease a lot of money out of you, but goes straight down to the deed.

hairy camgirl
Her panty is specially tailored to allow a nice view of her unshaved genitalia

Asians usually have little pubic haory, but many Asian ladies love to grow the hair around their genital area for years producing some of the most hairy vaginas in the world.


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