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China girl

When looking for Asians who are hairy below the belt, you have many choices. Visayan Filipinas are hairy, so are Malay and Indonesian amateurs. But if your look for Asian models who are natural down there and beautiful at the same time, Chinese pussy would be my first choice of recommendation. The only problem: Chinese nudes are very hard to find. Yes, sure you have all those Chinese-American sluts from California and New York, but they are shaven and rude. Then you have all those Thai girls being marketed as Bejing and Shanghai beauties for privacy reasons and so on. If you look at nude art sites there is one Chinese photographer who shoots gorgeous models in Hainan, a tropical island between Hong Kong and Vietnam. His shots are also available on, but it’s membership section is just available to people who speak Chinese and mail in their subscription fee by snail mail. In the meantime you would need to rest with Chinese pussy from Met Art - Magic Nude Teens, where China girl are mixed in between Russians and Latina beauties. It’s certainly one of the best offers online. If you care, they also market a bonus to online version of Playboy magazine. Not sure about how many Chinese teens they have, but they are squattered around and you find them after some time. Great stuff in high quality and with extremely natural ladies from China.

Outdoor Nudes: Natural Bush in the Sun

It’s nice to get naked in summer to obtain a nice tan. Asian naturist Sugar loves to get undressed on a secluded private beach to expose her white skin to powerful sunbeams of the South Chinese Sea. Of course she enjoys the special combination of hot sun rays and the windy air blowing though her bush topping her Venus Delta. Sugar is one of many Asian amateur models from Little Brown Fucking Machines, a website dedicated to Thai and Filipina sex. She can be seen in outdoor nude photo shoots.

outdoor bush
Sugar on a private beach. She is one of few Asian naturists who enjoy nude sunbathing. Her pubic hair is blossoming like a flower.

Ariel Spinner

She is one of the cutest Asian-American solo girl teens I have seen: Ariel Spinner aka Ariel Sweet. Unlike professional Asian pornstars from California she does not have the bitch look and cunt attitude, but she appears to be pretty cute and innocent. Of course that is until you hear her talk naughty. To a small degree her innocence becomes clouded at that point. But, she looks so cute and adorable that all one can think about is to get into her panties - ahem, into her website LOL that is. Her Asian vagina is partly shaved on the bottom around her brown labia, but unshaved from her clit upwards, revealing a rich, but perfectly shaped dark bush of oriental pubic hair - just adorable! But to be honest, I think she might not be as sweet as she looks. She may turn out to be a dominant sex freak who loves to spank cocks and balls. She can try my cock of course :-)

Ariel Spinner
American Asian teen nudie pie Ariel spinner is teasing and talking naughty

Filipina Teen Nudes

A few years back I flew to Cuba for a sex vacation to find out that most Cuban chicks had very hairy pussies. I kinda did not like the strong and curly Latina bushes so I decided to fly to the Philippines for my next vacation and to my pleasant surprise Filipina teens were hairy, too. Luckily their pubic hair was not strong and curly, but soft and long. Just soft enough that it would be delightful to suck a Filipina pussy with the juices flowing out and the natural hair adding to the raunchy smell of female joy. I found that many Filipinas who have natural hair around their Asian vagina are excellent squirters. I love it when they tremble and release all juices while experiencing orgasms. That’s why I enjoy to see good erotic Filipina nudes. However, there are just a few Filipina teen sites out there, so I am kinda happy I found Asian Jewels (site was disconnected in the meantime) the other day. The site is pretty small and rather expensive for the quantity they offer as of now, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for some more Filipina nude atrt updates from this new asian teen nude site.

asian model
A natural Filipina nude

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Sexy Thai Piano

She looks young and a bit chubby. She is one of those 18 year old Thai teens who left the family in the province to try her luck in the big city of Bangkok. She was lucky and got a good job in a department store with the help of her friends and was able to pay for the initial dentist job to get a fashionable retainer to straighten her teeth. Now, Piano Lau is running out of money as she spend a lot of cash on fashion, music, movies and endless party nights in the the countless discos and urban after hour clubs of Bangkok. Well, she knows this other girl named Cookie, who is making a lot of cash as a model. To become an Asian fashion model was always Pinao Lau’s big dream so she follows Cookie’s advice to tag along for a shoot for 88Squuare. Piano is a bit shy at first, but she knows she needs to pose for nudes first before she can eventually go on to be on the catwalk … and she does a great job as she is very natural and has this shy and innocent touch to her. Piano is available at one of the fresh updates of 88Square, now. You can still see her wihtout a shave, no tattooes and no belly button - a totally natural Thai teen at the beginning of a nude model career!

Piano Lau
A totally new and natural Thai model on 88Square: Piano Lau.

Nana Konishi

Yeah, yeah, yeah: Japanese girls rule! Do you like Nana Konishi’s hairy bush made in Japan? The rest of her body is totally hairless, just her head and pussy have beautiful hair. If you want to see more of Nana Konishi and other Japanese teens who participate in uncensored Japanese porn movies you need to check out Yes-Movies. This site offers 10 new Japanese hardcore videos every week and a lot of nude images from JAV stars.

hairy nana Konishi
Japanese porn model Nana Konishi with her natural Japanese delta

Hairy Bombshell

Her name is Carmen and she has some of the biggest Filipina boobs that you can see on the internet. This Pinay amateur was only seen on one site before and some of her images are used for marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, Carmen is no longer modeling because she got married and her Filipino husband does not want her to model nude again. What a pitty. Have fun with the few images of this hairy Filipina bombshell amateur that are still available for viewing. We will let you know when we find more from her. BTW, if you wonder why she is not smiling? She had a tooth extracted before the photoshoot and was shy to reveal her sexy gap.

filipina tits
hairy bombshell
filipina tits

Carmen is a one time amateur Filipina bombshell with a extremely hairy vulva

Camgirl Bush

For a few months I have been observing this Asian camgirl Hairylicious on a Asian sex chat site. She always poses in a specially tailored pantie that shows most of her extremely bushy and completely unshaved pussy. She is a 22year old Filipina according to her profile and very eager to tear her genital lips apart in order to allow a full perspective of her wide Filipina clit. I think she lies a bit about her age, because when I chatted with her she seemed decently educated and very conscious about herself and the way she attracts customers to her unshaven fuckhole. I have seen her in private and she is very quick in pulling down her tiny panty. She is not one of these girls who will tease a lot of money out of you, but goes straight down to the deed.

hairy camgirl
Her panty is specially tailored to allow a nice view of her unshaved genitalia

Thai Babe Bee

Some Thai girls look like they are perfectly trimmed because their hair above the entrance of their vagina grows strong while it seems to build up less on the side and is about to vanish further down. Once your get closer - as you can see on Bee’s images - you see a lot of long pubic hair between the rectum and the vagina, specially if you have a beautiful nude picture where the Thai girl shows off her butt and vagina while sitting in a doggy style position. It is just a little, but the hairs grow very strong and long. This part on the side and bottom of the Thai vagina can become very sticky once the babe gets horny and body fluids like vaginal outflow, sweat and KY gel mix up. Best thing to make the liquids thinner and less sticky is to use some saliva :-) Tasty!

thai babe bee
Bee is just one out of many Thai girls that can be seen on She can be seen masturbating with a large vibrator.

Bushy Filipina

Jen became famous when she won a wet t-shirt contest in Angeles City, Philippines in 2003. The website Wet-T-Shirt Queen was created around her. The busty and hairy Pinay girl became more and more famous among Filipina fans as she appeared on many sites like Filipina Archives, GotoPhil, Asian Escapades and Trike Patrol (for unknown reasons Trike Patrol retracted her hardcore video). She also appeared in seminude photos on (Babae is the Filipino word for ‘women’) Latter also sold hardcore videos of her together with her ex-boyfriend. They discontinued distributing the hardcore videos in 2006 without giving any particular reason. The lastest images of Jen (sometimes also spelled Yhen) will be released on a new site: Asian Amateurs 4u in summer this year. A few shots from her last shoot were released as a promo for an Asian sex chat site.

Jen is one of the most famous Filipina cyber models. The hairy and busty lady appeared on many websites and in interracial Filipino porn movies. She has a hairy pussy and very hairy legs, too.

Japanese Bush

Japanese girls seem to have some of the most natural and beautifully cultivated vulvas on the planet. Japanese pubic hair grows in a perfect V shape. It’s not very dense, but the hair can grow very long. I have met Japanese girls with hair as long as 6 inches, but from the distance they looked like perfectly trimmed. For some reason they don’t have to much hair on the side of the vulva, but just a lot of it on top of the clit. Of course you can see some Japanese porn actresses who do have excessive bushes just like this Tokyo girl from Maccy Bar.

maccy japan porn
orgasmic japanese

A hairy Japanese porn actress is getting her clitoris stimulated for a scene on Maccy Bar.

Hairy Bargirl from the Philippines

Her pubic hair looks like a solid jungle. Filipina bargirl Che, who can be seen on the interracial Filipino porn site Trike Patrol, has a sweet face and a solid Asian teen shaped body. She does not shave her Filipina pussy at all. The hair surrounds her clit like a protective coat for her body fluids that are holding back until she gets horny. Unshaved horny Filipina girls have this unique smell between their legs, it’s a mix of honey and sweat. Very sweet. Once you made oral love to a bushy Pinay babe you will want more and more. It’s a great treat to have the female fluids drain down your neck while you eat the hell out of her hot cunt. Unfortunately, Jimmy Regina and friends from Trike Patrol don’t know that. They are just sleazy sex tourist who want to get a good blowjob and fuck the shit out of their victims. It looks like Che was performing damn good with them. I bet they will hire her for a new Filipina hardcore shoot soon.

shaved filipina
filipina pussy

Che’s Filipina teen genital area is totally natural.

Thai Girl Rin Darin

Thai girls are usually shaven very cleanly, but Rin Darin seems to be a nice exception from this rule. We found Rin on the Asian model site 88 Square, where she can be seen masturbating her hairy Thai pussy with a Acrylic dildo. To have pleasure with acrylic dildos is pretty tricky, because they are very hard and not flexible at all. The little trick is to put them into luke watm water before you use them to experience the warm sensation of a rock hard penetration. I think that’s what Rin Darin did, when she handled that transparent dildo. It’s always great to see close ups of Thai girls musturbating with acrylic dildos because the acryl glas acts like a magnifying glas. It’s like you can look inside the pink vagina and observe the structure or the genital details. Everything is visible far deep inside the female genital depending on the angle of the dildo and the amount of indruding light. Funny to see one or another pubic hair getting in between the friction of the glas and the tender female skin while moist runs down to her pretty anus.

hairy thai Rin Darin
Thai Model Rin Darin masturbates her hairy vagina on the Asian model site 88 Square.

Hairy Filipina Rose

Rose is a 20year old Filipina amateur from Manila. The former cyber model from Filipina Archives appears on free images of a new Asian amateur site and also models for Live Sex cams from Asia. The single mother is depicted holding a pink metallic toy in hair hands. It pretty much suggest that she will be using the vibrator for masturbation of her vagina. The pubic hair on her vulva is around 2 to 3 inches long while she has almost no hair on the lower part of her vagina neighbouring her labia. It was her very first time to use a vibrator during this photo shoot. It is not surprising that she looks very curious.

Hairy filipina
Rose is captured while using a vibrator for the first time. Sex toys are openly available in the Philippines, but many people regard masturbation as evil and bad.

Asians usually have little pubic haory, but many Asian ladies love to grow the hair around their genital area for years producing some of the most hairy vaginas in the world.


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